The only website and SEO consultancy you need! Offering responsive web design, SEO and Marketing.

We offer an all-in-one service, not just providing you with a spectacular new website and powerful content management and performance tracking tools, but also helping it achieve real, organic SEO and Google Search success, and making you almost impossible for your customers to miss!

Web design need not be complicated. We can help your business take advantage of the internet market for less than you think. Let us deal with the technicalities. During our consultation process, we thrash out exactly how to get the very best return from your website and investment. Whatever you want from your website, we’ll make sure it works without problem, looks amazing, is easy to use and talks to your customers in their language.

Real, long-lasting search engine visibility, and no ongoing fees!

For your business to thrive, you need customers. You need that phone to ring, and for money to walk through your door. You depend on local business, and you need your website to appear when your customers search for it, on Google or any other search engine.

White Earth Design specialises in building and perfecting WordPress-based websites, providing expert SEO services and giving advice on general site and e-commerce issues. We pride ourselves on being thoughtful and considerate partners who can help your website work for you, rather than the other way around.

It takes time and money! And I have a business to run.

It’s true. Most businesses don’t have the time or the expertise necessary to improve their website performance themselves. Worse still, how can you trust an SEO company who costs a mini-fortune, and offer nothing but promises?

White Earth Design is here to help.

White Earth was founded by Rebecca Hyde, a graphic designer and a former course leader of Advanced Graphic Design in Oxford, who has been involved with the print, marketing & web industry for over 22 years. Rebecca has helped clients from all across the UK to raise the profile of their companies, and provide their customers with the user experience they demand to keep them coming back. We have worked for all sizes of clients, from blue chip companies and major universities to sole traders and SMEs, and have the references to prove it.

1-to-1 website, SEO and marketing consultation for as little as £60 + vat

At White Earth Design, we work closely with small and large businesses alike to first understand your organisation and the challenges it faces, and then to provide you with the high quality, engaging and conversion-focused website, search engine optimisation and marketing design elements that will take your business to the next level.

12 Steps to Real Local Web Visibility

How we do it in no secret. We know local SEO visibility inside and out, and are happy to explain the process, rather than hide what we do (or don’t do) under a lot of jargon.

Not just a great price, but flexible payment on your terms.

Better still, we offer a wide variety of flexible payment options, to make sure that the modern, engaging and responsive website you need to reach an ever evolving customer base is never beyond your reach!