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Web Designer Oxfordshire

For all design, we charge £60 per hour – no vat to pay. We will happily quote a fixed fee before starting a project, just email us the info and we will quote for you.

Make sure you work with the right web designer in Oxfordshire. We charge an hourly rate for consultancy and can work by the hour as and when you require. Alternatively, you can let us know your budget and what your aims are and we can put together a project plan and schedules work for you.

Domains & Hosting

We offer a FREE migration service if you want to move your domain and hosting to White Earth Design.

We can order, register, and set up your domain, as well as host and manage both your WordPress website and email. That means no more long support calls to who knows where, or the need to log into confusing control panels. We manage the entire process for you, from right here in the UK for one low price. Just ring or email us, and we’ll make any changes you need. If there are any problems with your hosting service, we’ll deal with the technical side and hosting support team until it is resolved.  We basically do all the work, and let you get on with running your business. Peace of mind, expert management, and even someone to talk the tech lingo for you when you need it. What could be simpler?

Wordpress updates & support service

WordPress is great, but keeping up with the maintenance (and protecting your clients’ data) can be a full time job! New browser releases and security updates come out nearly every day, and each one presents its own special headaches for those of us who just what to keep their website up and running smoothly. We can help ith this – we offer monthly udates at a fixed price – Ask for more details and we could be the Web Designer in Oxfordshire for you.

Scheduled website backups uptime & security monitoring

Nothing beats the peace of mind you get from knowing that every bit of your website and its data are backed up regularly, and retrievable on a moment’s notice. We keep your backups on an off-site location, so even if something happens to the actual server your site is on, your website will be back up and just as it was before in no time. New threats develop every day – how secure is your customers’ data? We keep your site and your data safe.

Web designer Oxfordshire.

  • Small business website plans from £25 per month

    Web design need not be complicated. We can help your business take advantage of the internet market for less than you think. Let us deal with the design. We’ll make sure it works without problem, looks amazing, is easy to use and talks to your customers in their language.

  • Bespoke, fully scale-able WordPress website design - From £1000 depending on your requirements

    During our consultation process, we thrash out exactly how to get the very best return from your website and investment. Whatever you want from your website. WordPress is ‘God’ of the Google!

  • Domain name (.co.uk) registration from £18 per domain name per year

    We can purchase and manage this for you. You won’t need to fiddle with control panels and be techincal. We do it all for you.

  • Website & email hosting (including free website migration) from only £210 per year

    Again we organise it all, we even offer a FREE website migration service if you want to host your existing website with us.  Having the domain and hosting in one place make things much easier.

  • Design, SEO & Consultancy @ £60 per hour

  • SEO Organic high position ranking for one local search term @ £300

  • SEO Boost - increasing your local visability on Google - £650

    We know local SEO visibility inside and out, let us boost your business on Google. This is a service you will only need to do once. It has long lasting results and is key to a good base for the rest of the SEO around your business.

  • Daily & weekly wordpress website back ups @ £22 per month

    We run a daily & weekly back up service for all your database and website needs. Have peace of mind knowing there are regular backups of your site’s content and it is always retrievable. Backups are downloaded to an off-site location for safe-keeping and your peace of mind.

  • Full premium website backup, uptime monitoring & security package @ £35 per month

    We will run a weekly back up of your wordpress site and database/s. We also monitor the uptime If your site goes down we can let you know and we also monitor it for you. The worst thing about malware is that it could be on your website for months without being detected. It is best to be vigilant, proactive, and check regularly for malware and known vulnerabilities. That’s where our security check comes in.

  • Wordpress websites, updates, fixes and maintenance @ £60 per hour

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Web Designer Oxfordshire